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audio examples and scores


Jump To The Stars” (1999)

trombone and electronics
featured on the CD “Solo Trombone and Electronics 2” (FMR Records)

[AUDIO] “Jump To The Stars” (excerpt)



Vishnu Stockings” (2009)

violin, viola, cello, double bass
commissioned by Netherlands Performing Arts Fund
composed for Rozemarie Heggen (double bass) and Mary Oliver (viola)
winner of the Henriette Bosmans Prize 2009 (Netherlands)

[AUDIO] “Vishnu Stockings”

study for ensemble using language elements

[AUDIO] “Territory” (edit) [5:50]

performed on September 2nd 2013 @ VILLA ELISABETH BERLIN

Matthias Bauer – double bass, voice
Vladimir Gorlinsky – guitar, voice
Hilary Jeffery – trombone, electronics
Marina Poleukhina – voice, objects

live recording by Torsten Ottersberg

concert produced by Sergej Newski and Elke Moltrecht / x-tract-production
with support from Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.



“Orpheus Mirror” (2008)

for the Veni Ensemble
commissioned by Evenings of New Music (Bratislava)

[AUDIO] live recording at Evenings of New Music 2008



“Besides Feldman” (2010)

graphic scores for ensemble, co-composed and performed by:

Rozemarie Heggen – double bass, electronics
Hilary Jeffery – trombone, tromboscillator
Pamelia Stickney – theremin
Patrick Pulsinger – modular synthesizer, devices

for a concert at Wien Modern 2010
concert recording released by Col Legno Records

[AUDIO] “Patterns Not Loops”

“Missing, Last Scene On The Suspension Bridge” (2011)

double bass, violin, voice and electronics
commissioned by the Netherlands Performing Arts Fund and Oliver / Heggen

[AUDIO] live recording @ Bimhuis (2011)


HJeffery_Missing, Last Scene on the Suspension Bridge_Score.pdf

“Sunflood” (2006)

a suite for Lysn
Lysntroduction – See Om Mist – Islands – Tibetan Tunnels – Bands of Light – Lysnout

commissioned by Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst (NL)

[AUDIO] “Lysntroduction” – “See Om Mist”



“Eulipion Mood Swing” (2007)

a suite for Lysn


“Eulipion Mood Swing”

“Jupiter Dream”

“Night Chorus” (2005)

for Lysn

[AUDIO] recorded at Tapeless Studio (Amsterdam) by Danny O Really

“Planesong” (2005)

[AUDIO] “Plane Song”

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Hilary has always been fascinated in the process of composing large form pieces which give space for solo and group improvisation in the jazz tradition.

ALCHEMISTIC SUITE a suite for Big Band in four parts

commissioned by the David Kweksilber Big Band (Amsterdam)
and the Netherlands Performing Arts Fund

The first complete composition Hilary wrote was at the age of 15 for a school big band. He has subsequently written for and played in many big bands, at university and as a professional musician. The most recent is his “Alchemistic Suite” for the David Kweksilber Big Band, in four parts. This is a new suite for the DKBB commissioned by David Kweksilber with support from the Netherlands Performing Arts Fund. Each part features solos and duos from the band as well as group improvisations. The score combines traditional and graphic notation. Many musical influences, approaches and styles are incorporated into the music, combined and mixed in unusual ways – something like an alchemical experiment. In composing this work Hilary is particularly influenced by the music of Gil Evans, London Jazz Composers Orchestra, Olivier Messiaen, Charles Mingus, George Russell, Keith Tippett, Henry Threadgill amongst many others.

featuring Peter Kuit, Wiek Hijmans and Tjeerd Oostendorp

[VIDEO] filmed at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam, 26 January 2013

[AUDIO] “Slow Silver” recorded at BIMHUIS, Amsterdam (2012)


HJeffery_Slow Silver Score.pdf

featuring Wolter Wierbos + Joost Buis, Sanne van Hek + Felicity Provan, Peter van Bergen + Leo van Oostrom

featuring David Kweksilber and Guus Janssen

[AUDIO] “Quick Gold” + “Quick Silver” recorded live at the BIMHUIS, Amsterdam


[AUDIO] “Slow Gold” live recording at Holland Festival 2008
featuring Rozemarie Heggen / Sjeng Schupp and Claron McFadden


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Mesmeric Forest” (2011)

electro-acoustic composition for the GRM Acousmonium
composed at GRM Studios Paris
commissioned for Kontraste Festival 2011 – Krems – Austria

[AUDIO] “Mesmeric Forest” (edit)

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Hilary took part in a special residential course – “Music Composition for Dance” – at the European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem, Netherlands from 1998 – 1999. This unique course was taught by the American composer and trombonist James Fulkerson. During this intensive year he composed for many new choreographies with a special emphasis on electroacoustic composition as well as trombone improvisation with dance. Since completing this course Hilary has continued to work with many choreographers and dancers on a regular basis. Below are a few examples of some of his music for dance, more will be uploaded soon…

“Hey” (1998)

electroacoustic composition for the choreography “Work” by
Ksenia Vidyaykinia


“Owl” (2001)

electroacoustic composition
source material: musical saw (played by John Moore), trombone, sine waves
commissioned by Aurora Corsano


I Think Not” (2012)

electro-acoustic composition for “I Think Not”
choreography by Deborah Hay
adaption and performance by Louise Desbrusses
music by Hilary Jeffery
composed at GRM Studios Paris (2012)

for the realisation of this work Hilary Jeffery
was a laureate of the City of Paris and Institute Francais
art-in-residence programme at the Recollets
from January to March 2012

[AUDIO] “I Think Not” (edit)

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“Zombie Love” (2004)

string quartet and electronics

[AUDIO] recorded at Tapeless Studio (Amsterdam) by Danny O Really

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