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the Tromboscillator was conceived by Hilary Jeffery in 1999 after playing the piece “Wind Shadows” by Alvin Lucier

the Tromboscillator is not a specific instrument, it is an idea of the sound which happens when a trombone mutates and melts into another virtual world (other than the one the player is in)

it is the sound of an imaginative journey from interior worlds transformed and transmitted via music

from the mind and breath —> through the trombone —> to a microphone —> into the computer or analogue processor : where the audio signal is fed through circuits which transform the sound : the newly mutated sounds eventually travel out into the world again —> via speakers —> where the electronic sounds interact with the acoustic trombone sounds and acoustic of the performance space —> received by the body and ears —> travelling back into the mind for further internal processing

the trombonist, who always has to grapple with metal tubes, is on a threshold between the body / breath and the instrument / machine

with the Tromboscillator the player can breathe life into machine worlds!

the experience of playing with electronics is often one of transforming and extending oneself (and ones sounds) into another world – a world with a vast landscape of possibilities – a hall of mirrors – a labyrinth of ever changing pathways

as in our experiences in cyberspace and dream worlds – this world offers limitless opportunities for experimenting with the Self, our ideas, our projections, our underwater and outer space wishes!

the Tromboscillator makes music but implies – as does all music – much more than just a collection of sounds in space and time – the player is using the means to change the means and to break out of its limitations…

the means are: an instrument, analogue and digital hardware, time and space, music and sound, identity and body – this is not a process of denial or escape but one of experimental and joyful transformation, unfixed, always changing and ideally ever present, outside of the time-grid

another ideal is that the music made with the Tromboscillator will also go some way to changing those who hear it – altering consciousness and reprogamming – they (those who hear it) are not only human – machines and computers also hear the Tromboscillator and start to oscillate in sync – computers start dreaming and machines start breathing… hopefully animals, plants, spirits, aliens and other entities will also find something interesting in Tromboscillator music

this music is a reflection of journeys into inner (=outer) space
perhaps it is also a “memory” of certain (future?) gigs on Jupiter?

Tromboscillator Recordings

“The Old Museum 1” from “Solo Trombone and Electronics 3”


“Announcement” from “Solo Trombone and Electronics 2”


“The Old Museum 2” from “Solo Trombone and Electronics 3”


video score for tromboscillator by Matt Lewis:

tromboscillator performance at Stench (UK) 2007:

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