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Conn “Connstellation” Trombone

This trombone was bought second hand from a musician in Utrecht (Netherlands). It was a replacement instrument for a King “Silver Sonic” Trombone which was lost after a dramatic walk into the twilight zone in Spring 2005. The trombonist survived this journey, but the instrument was left on the “other-side”. Trombones are essentially simple instruments. The best trombones are either custom made models from small manufacturers, or older models built somewhere between 1930 and 1970, of which this is an example. Exact details of the year in which this particular trombone was built or other technical details, are unknown. While appreciating the beauty and craftsmanship of the instrument, its player does not consider these details to be of particular importance. A trombone is in fact more than the piece of metal which makes up the instrument. The players mind and body, the space in which it is played, plus extensions such as mutes and electronics are considered to be equally important aspects of the instrument as a whole. Trombonists are essentially simple musicians. When not journeying into inner-spaces or other-sides, they tend to spend a lot of time playing exercises, in dimly lit practice rooms.