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Hilary Jeffery has been playing the trombone since c.1983. What started out as a random decision to learn this instrument in place of the violin, slowly became an important focus for his artistic activity. Hilary’s principal teacher and mentor for trombone playing is James Fulkerson, with whom he studied between 1998 and 2000. Other teachers along the road have been Simon Hogg and Sam Burtis. Hilary’s trombone playing encompasses improvised and notated music. In 2013 he started to study Dhrupad with Amelia Cuni, with the aim of applying techniques of this Indian classical music tradition to the trombone.

As an improviser he has played with: Tony Buck, Audrey Chen, Hayden Chisholm, Amelia Cuni, Werner Dafeldecker, Hugh Davies, Tobias Delius, Axel Dörner, Benjamin Duboc, Paul Dunmall, Werner Durand, Marco Eneidi, Reinhold Friedl, Wilbert de Joode, Keiji Haino, Robin Hayward, Tristan Honsinger, Shabaka Hutchings, Pamelia Stickney, Louise Landes Levi, Tony Levin, Magda Mayas, Louis Moholo, Palle Mikkelborg, William Parker, Felicity Provan, Paul Rogers, Terje Rypdal, Elliott Sharp, Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Paul Schwingenschlögl, Clayton Thomas, Keith Tippett, Frances-Marie Uitti, Andre Vida and David Watson.

As an interpreter of composed music Hilary has played a wide variety of pieces by many composers including Louis Andriessen, William Bennett, John Cage, Philip Corner, Morton Feldman, James Fulkerson, Robin Hayward, Catherine Christer Hennix, Alvin Lucier, Daniel Matej, Simon Martin, Phill Niblock, Giacinto Scelsi, Elliott Sharp, James Tenney, Øyvind Torvund and Christian Wolff.

As an ensemble player Hilary has experience in a very wide range of groups from his early projects and collaborations in the UK such as Kreepa, Sand and Germ, to jazz / improvised recordings and concerts with Paul Dunmall Octet, Moksha Big Band, Keith Tippett´s Tapestry and Apa Ini, to recording sessions and tours with Earthling, Band of Holy Joy, Jimi Tenor, Polyversal Souls and Elektro Guzzi to contemporary ensemble playing with Zinc and Copper, The Barton Workshop and zeitkratzer.

Hilary has recorded two solo albums of trombone and electronics for FMR Records, and a complete CD of trombone music by Philip Corner with James Fulkerson for New World Records.

Through all this work in improvised and composed music Hilary has developed an individual voice as a trombonist, which often incorporates live electronics. This unique sound is best expressed in two fundamental ideas: Desert Trombone and Tromboscillator (see sub-menus for more information)

coming soon – chronological sound examples of Hilary´s trombone sessions