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“Perihelion” – the debut album by MIR8 on Shhpuma features four cinematic tracks following an abstract narrative through panoramic landscapes, masterfully produced with multi-layered hybrid structures of orchestral strings, trombone, electronics and percussion. “Perihelion” is a solar orbit steered by four seasoned musical voyagers. Werner Dafeldecker has produced new forms as an integral member of Polwechsel, introducing post-minimalist shifts in the improvised and experimental scenes of Vienna, Berlin and beyond. Hilary Jeffery played trombone in Tim Wright’s early 90s UK electronica project Germ and they subsequently worked together in the “electro-metal-voodoo-jazz” group Sand, releasing three astonishing albums on Soul Jazz Records. Andrea Belfi’s drumming is a time-tested element in radical music of the last twenty years. Together as MIR 8 these four unique musicians have created an album which combines an unusual blend of idioms without any dilution. The listener gets immersed into a genre bending soundscape of lush movie soundtrack strings, pulsating bass driven electronics, polyrhythmic tessellations and introspective melodies unwinding into deep space. The hypnotic structures of MIR 8 unwravel through the mind as a real “cinema for the ear” inspired by Hilary Jeffery’s travel through the Sahara, Andrea Belfi’s percussive divings into the ocean’s depths, Tim Wright’s evocative journey’s into twilight post-rave mind states and Werner Dafeldecker’s pioneering orbits of the cosmos, up to and including the event-horizon. A complete soundtrack and an intriguing imagination of zero gravity states.



photo: Jubal Battisti

live recording from the MIR8 concert at Music Unlimited, Austria 2015

You can hear a preview of two tracks from the new album plus an excerpt of a live concert here.

“Scarborough Sky” (excerpt)

“Event Horizon” (excerpt)


live recording from the MIR8 concert at Music Unlimited, Austria 2015

TIM WRIGHT – computer, electronics

Composer and video artist based in York, UK. He has been active in experimental electronic and dance music since the early 1990s. With projects including Germ, Tube Jerk and Sand he has built a large catalogue of commercial releases and has performed at festivals and in clubs across the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and the US. His recent audio visual work builds on this legacy using algorithmic constructions of light and sound to produce rich and complex material. His sound and video works Algorithms for Electronics, Fake Woodwind and Strings (2015) and 8 Switches (2011) have been released by the Brussels based label Entr’acte on specially designed USB drives; 8 Switches has been screened at festivals including Punto y Raja (Iceland 2014) and Sonar (Spain, Brazil 2012). Tim currently works as composer and sound manager for the Japanese choreographer Saburo Teshigawara. Compositions include original music for Metamorphosis (Göteborgsoperan Danskompani, Sweden 2014) and Darkness is Hiding Black Horses (Ballet de l’Opéra National de Paris, France 2013). He has continued with his occasional club music output, releasing The Crab and Can’t Stop for Craig Richards’ label The Nothing Special in Spring 2015. His album with Monika Načeva, The Sick Rose was nominated for best electronic album in the Czech Grammies in 2010.


WERNER DAFELDECKER – electronics, double bass

Was born in Vienna in 1964 and studied the double bass which he plays with passion. As a musician, composer and sound artist he takes advantage of the manifold possibilities offered by electro-acoustics. His musical projects are often inspired and deduced by outside influences such as architecture, science, photography and film – partially resulting in the creation of graphical scores for various ensembles and instrumental performers. Werner also focuses on site specific projects, field recording and opposing natural and environmental sounds with synthetic variants. He has built up an extensive sound archive and created several electroacoustic pieces for radio and film. Around ninety sound-recordings are documenting his artistic framework. He gave lectures and workshops presenting his work i.a. at University Bellas Artes-Madrid, Hochschule für Gestaltung-Karlsruhe, RMIT University-Melbourne and Edith Cowan University-Perth.



Trombonist and composer based in Berlin. He has developed a unique approach to trombone incorporating elements of jazz, extended techniques and Indian classical music. Over the past twenty years Hilary has proven his ability to cross between different styles and areas of music including rock, techno, electronica, jazz, pop, afrobeat, contemporary classical and free improvisation. Groups he has played with between 1994 and 2014 include: Germ, Sand, Meta-Orchestra, Kreepa, Paul Dunmall Octet, Apa Ini, The Barton Workshop, Jimi Tenor Big Band, Lysn, The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Zeitkratzer, The Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage, Zinc & Copperworks, Inconsolable Ghost and Polyversal Souls. Hilary believes that the sense of silent-space experienced during a journey to the Sahara in 1990 is a central and sustaining influence for his music. As a musician he aims to share this experience, creating inner-space for listeners and fellow musicians to explore.


ANDREA BELFI – percussion

Drummer and composer, based in Berlin. Through the last twenty years he has developed a unique style of drumming and composition, influenced by his many experiences with experimental and electronic music, rock, improv. His hypnotic rhythms and textures create immersive soundscapes for the listener to float in. He has collaborated, among others, with David Grubbs, Werner Dafeldecker, Erik Skodvin, Aidan Baker, BjNilsen, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Nils Frahm, Mike Watt, Carla Bozulich, Greg Haines, Circuit des Yeux, Andrea Parkins, Dean Roberts. Belfi’s interest in contemporary art led him to exhibit sound-art installations throughout Europe and U.S. and to collaborate with visual artists like Angela Bulloch and Aldo Tambellini. He has released five solo albums and more than fifty collaborative records on labels such as ROOM40, Miasmah, Häpna, Die Schachtel, Constellation, Blue Chopsticks. AB has performed at Centre Pompidou (Paris), Unsound Festival (Krakow), Cafè Oto (London), Issue Project Room (New York), GAS festival (Göteborg) and Artplay (Moscow). 


MIR8 concerts

SATURDAY 7 NOVEMBER 2015 @ 14:00

Werner Dafeldecker – electronics
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Tim Wright – computer

CHARHIZMATIC MUSIC curated by Christoff Kurzmann