Мурманский Космодром




During November local musicians from Murmansk and Bodø will work together with Hilary Jeffery in a new formation of LYSN to play at “Murmansk Spaceport”, an environment designed for exploring unknown territories. A port is a place of departure and arrival, of temporary transactions and unstable conditions. The musicians will be encouraged to travel imaginatively into areas which they do not know, to explore dark territories of which they have little or no experience. For Hilary this means to explore the atmosphere and mood of Murmansk in November, which for him will be an unusually dark environment. Additionally he will attempt to enter into the sound of Russian, a language which is unknown and new for him. In a similar way each musician will be asked to choose to explore areas of which they are non-expert, to literally enter the dark of what is previously unknown. With music as a central focus, various means will be used for these navigations, including solo and group improvisations, introspective language explorations, sound and image recording, associative writing and map making. New channels will be opened during the rehearsal process and everything prepared for a public journey on Saturday 28 November, departing from and arriving back at Мурманский Космодром.


Following his direction of the Experimental Ensemble for the Showroom of Contemporary Sound in Zagreb, Murmansk Spaceport will be the second time that Hilary has composed for and directed a new ensemble in 2015.

In 2008 he devised an environment for a three hour long event with LYSN in Katendrecht – the old innercity harbour district of Rotterdam. The dark and abandoned atmosphere of this location at that time lent itself very well to the temporary establishment of a new kind of harbour environment, a “spaceport” designed to encourage introspection. “Katendrecht Spacepoort” was produced by the “poymorhpic production platform” De Player in Rotterdam, and is documented in the publication “COM.POST #3”.


below you can lysn to audio files of the complete “Katendrecht Spacepoort” composition (5 parts)

katendrecht spacepoort

performed by LYSN

Hilary Jeffery – trombone and tromboscillator
Chris Long – accordion and electronics
Anne Wellmer – analogue electronics and harmonium

recorded live at DE PLAYER Rotterdam on 22 March 2008 by Johan de Koeyer
edited + mixed + arranged by Hilary Jeffery at the HILCAVE Amsterdam, July – September 2008

[AUDIO] part 1: departure

[AUDIO] part 2: suspension

[AUDIO] part 3: vortex

[AUDIO] part 4: floatation

[AUDIO] part 5: arrival